ESFM and Skin Pilgrims

Recorded in between 1992-1994???
Brent Hillendahl – Vocals
Reynolds Pervis – Lead Guitar
Ken Owen – Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mark Daniels – Bass Guitar
Todd Davis – Drums & Percussion

Recorded at Sumet-Bernet Sound Studios, Dallas Texas.
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Petty
Produced by Logan Kilburn

*All music is co-owned, co-written and copyrighted by
Brent Hillendahl, Reynolds Pervis, Ken Owen, Mark Daniels, Todd Davis

* Except for Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

—Special thanks to Kenny Parks for preserving this music for so many years—
It still sounds pretty darn good. Especially considering it’s just a cassette recording from almost 25 years ago.


Special Thanks to Ed Burnet for providing the initial funding for this project.
Thanks to David Haake for his backing vocals on Kill That Fuckin’ Dog

Word Of Mouth EP 1992

By Logan Kilburn


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if you are not having fun, you are just l-a-m-e


…very not lame 

Poke you In the head polka

by Ken Owen | Poke you in the head

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